Are you considering having a Fun Casino Party at your next event?


Here are a few important factors that you should think about:


Reliability & Professionalism should be key considerations. You must be confident that your Fun Casino Company will turn up on time and perform a professional service when they arrive.

There are plenty of companies that advertise professional equipment and our extensive experience in the industry has shown us that these claims should be taken with a pinch of salt!. More importantly you need to consider the quality of the croupier staff that will be attending your event.

Amateur, poorly trained dealers stationed at full size tables will not cut the mustard when you are expecting a professional service. They may look the part, but when the tables open and the action gets busy, it is the dealers that soon become the most important factor. Croupiers that are not properly trained will not be able to proficiently explain their gaming skills to guests who are not experienced players and even worse, they will be exposed and embarrassed by savvy guests who already know their way around a casino.

One of the most noticeable differences between a real casino and a fun casino is just how busy the tables are at a fun casino. As guests are not using their own real money, bets are larger, the pace is faster, players play less conservatively in a fun casino and the payouts can be massive. This is when the professional croupier comes in to their own, instantly calculating payouts, while at the same time clearing bets, cutting down and pushing chips, chipping up at lightning speed, all at the same time as enjoying a laugh and a joke with the players. On the other hand, laughter and derision from your guests aimed at croupiers who do not know what they are doing can big disappointment to the host of the event whose expectations were so much higher.

A good comparison would be hiring a band. Which of these sounds more desirable? A group of seasoned professional musicians with older, instruments, or a group of inexperienced amateur musicians that have bought expensive gear that they don’t know how to play? If you look at it from that perspective, the answer is clear. Of course, ideally you would want professional musicians playing the best equipment!


The same principal applies to a fun casino company. A team of great croupiers dealing at high quality casino tables is naturally the preferred option.

At Event Casino, knowledgeable, experienced, professional croupier staff are in fact, the crucial components of our successful fun casino parties. When you book with Event Casino, you can be confident that you will receive the services of only the very finest, professionally trained croupiers in the industry!

We have also invested heavily in the highest quality casino equipment: John Huxley Roulette Wheels and gaming tables, Copag Casino Quality Playing Cards and genuine, authentic weight casino chips. Event Casino offer an extensive array of over 25 full size casino tables. This capacity enables us to host casino events on a huge scale, catering for thousands of guests at the very largest events as well as intimate two or three table events at a wedding or private function. It is this combination of both Quality equipment and staff that has led to our exacting standards being accredited by the Professional Fun Casino Association (PFCA) and the Wedding Guild of Wales.


Here is what the PFCA have to say:


“If you are Googling dozens of self proclaiming 'Professional' Fun Casinos, we would highly recommend booking with an accredited company as this will go a long way to ultimately ensure your Fun Casino entertainment meets and exceeds your expectations. When you are paying good money for your Fun Casino Entertainment make sure you receive the service you are expecting…”


…and here is what Event Casino’s clients have to say:


“Was a perfect addition to our Casino themed ball. Steve and Jayne are lovely people to work with and will accommodate all requests promptly! I Could not of asked for anything more and would highly recommend! THANK YOU!” …… Bethany


“Great dealers at our casino night last night. Everyone enjoyed a bit of a flutter! Definitely recommend Events Casino.” …… Fran


“What an amazing night. The casino was very well organised, very flexible with our deal including props, which are very good, the staff are professional and friendly. Providing all u need for a good night. I would highly recommend them for an event.”…… Jamie.