At Events Casino we take great pride in the quality of our casino equipment. All our tables are full size, with matching rich, woollen, John Huxley Baizes and are just like the tables you would expect to see in a real casino. Our beautiful, full size wooden roulette wheels are made by John Huxley and are the very finest roulette wheels made anywhere in the World. We use Copag, plastic coated playing cards and real weight casino chips for a truly authentic gaming experience. All our tables are freestanding on rich mahogany legs.


Our talented croupiers have all trained to the highest standard in real casinos and will amaze and thrill you and your guests with their dealing skills and witty repartee!


Roulette is always a popular game at our Fun Casinos. This glamorous game is synonymous with the sophistication and allure of the World's most famous casinos.

The rules are very simple to grasp and these are explained by our croupiers during a few demonstration lessons at the start of your casino.

Simply place your chips on the layout, backing as many numbers as you like. The dealer spins the ball and the expectation mounts....Where the ball lands determines which are the winning and losing bets.

Roulette Fun Casino Hire


If you have ever played Pontoon or '21' then you will be familier with the basic rules of this game.

Blackjack is always a busy table as there is a mixture of both skill and luck involved.

You are playing against the croupier and draw cards to get a higher total than the croupier without going over 21.

Again, the rules to this game are simple. Even a child can learn to play after a few quick hands!

There are tactics involved in playing Blackjack and it is a challenging game to truly master. It is a game of strategy and luck and the chance to win is firmly in the hand of the player.

After a few hours playing Blackjack with one of our professional croupiers, you will feel ready to take on the odds at the real casinos in Las Vegas!

Blackjack Croupier Hire

Five Card Stud Poker

Until recently, Five Card Stud or Caribbean Stud Poker was considered to be the most popular Poker game in the World.

This is a very easy game to play and learn that everyone can enjoy.

Our professional croupiers will explain the rules of the game and no previous experience is required as everyone quickly gets the hang of it!

Just like in Blackjack, you are playing against the croupier and not the other players.

Players place ante bets on the table to receive their cards and double this bet to continue playing.

The dealer requires at least an Ace, King or higher value hand to qualify, otherwise the ante bets are paid. 

The anticipation mounts before the croupier reveals their hand and players find out if they are winners.

The payouts, hands and odds are displayed at the table.

Stud Poker Table Hire

Texas Hold'em Poker

Texas Hold'em Poker is always popular and this is the game you will have seen played on TV, in the movies and you may even have played this game at your local club or in a Poker League.

All our 10 player Texas Hold'em tables are finished in matching rich, woollen baize, surrounded by padded, black leather bumpers for that genuine casino feel.

Our professional Poker dealers can give an introductory lesson for the novice players at the start of the session and will give tips and advice during play.

Texas Hold'em Table Hire

Craps/ Dice

Do you fancy shooting the dice just like in Las Vegas? 

Dice is the game that is the epitome of fast paced casino action.

Dice or Craps is a fun, enthusiastic game that really draws the crowds.

Players make bets on the outcome of a roll or a series of rolls of a pair of dice.

Expect plenty of yelling and screaming as this lively game really gets the players excited!

The rules can seem a little confusing at first but they are easily explained during play by our professionally trained croupier staff.

Craps Dice table Hire

Wheel of Fortune/ Prize Wheel/ Money Wheel

After all the bets are in, the dealer spins the wheel and whatever symbol it lands on is the winner! An extremely easy game to play and always sure to draw a huge crowd! Ideal for corporate events, conferences, product launches and exhibitions.

Table Size Guides

Roulette Tables:

Dimensions: 8ft x 4ft

Operational Space Required: 14ft x 9ft


Blackjack & Stud Poker Tables:

Dimensions: 6ft 6" x 3ft 6"

Operational Space Required: 12ft x 8ft


Texas Hold'em Tables:

Dimensions: 9ft x 4ft

Operational Space Required: 14ft x 9ft


Craps/ Dice Tables:

Dimensions: 8ft 6" x 5ft

Operational Space Required: 14ft x 9ft